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The Venetian:


This broom provides a uniform and extended sweep due to its size; it is perfect to be used on ceramic tile floor, marble and wood because it has smooth fibers.

In addition its broomstick of wood and metal has a conical nut which fits easily to the bracket of the broom avoiding loosens up because of the usage.




  • Squared Brush Broom Head
  • Industrial Grade Propylene Fibers
  • Wooden Stick
  • Plastic End Hanger
  • Durable Plastic Block
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Lead-Free
  • 85% Recycled Material



Our brooms are packed in boxes of 12 units which comes identified with the name of the product to easily handle and locate it at your store. In addition our products have a label with its code product and barcode.

The dimensions of the box are:

Long: 48″ X 7.68″ X 6.3″


The fiber of the broom is in the colors of the right

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